With BCH Mini POS, BCH transactions can be made without any approval.

With BCH Mini POS, you can make BCH transactions without any confirmation.. Recently, a development team from the UK created a Bitcoin point-of-sale server that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a form of in-store payment. Initially, the sale of BCH Mini-POS devices started.

Bitcoin Cash is a user-to-user electronic cash created for the internet environment.. It operates without a central bank and does not require the operation or presence of any third party.

BCH Mini POS launches Bitcoin cash point-of-sale terminal

Decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) soon to resellers It will have a point-of-sale (POS) server for BCH Mini POS is designed for small merchants and stores at the first stage. Moreover, the device is compatible with a web browser.. Therefore, it allows merchants to accept BCH transactions without any confirmation in store. Also, the server solution is open source and the code base can be reviewed on Github. BCH Mini-POS development team said:

Even though it is an internet-connected device, at no point is there any private key stored inside the Mini-POS server. There is zero cost when using the Mini POS server to accept Bitcoin Cash transactions. Unlike normal operation, all transaction fees are paid by the seller, not the sender of the transaction (ie the customer).

Using the BCH Mini POS system

Using the BCH Mini-POS system For this, the trader simply writes the amount loaded in the terminal app. The device server checks the live exchange rate with conversion rates in multiple local currencies. Following this, the terminal displays a screen QR code linked to a generated BCH recipient address. The customer simply scans the QR and sends the payment to the seller. The process is very fast as the server accepts transactions without any confirmation. The BCH Mini-POS development team explained about the application:

After about 10-15 seconds, the BCH Mini-POS server confirms that its transaction is in the “Bitcoin Cash mempool” from multiple sources, without any confirmation required.. Then the BCH Mini-POS terminal displays the “Payment Complete” window. Finally, it reports the transaction as “Completed” before returning to the welcome page ready for the next payment transaction.

BCH Mini POS server and terminal kit

The machine is the only way to connect an internet connection. as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. The company started selling BCH-Mini POS. BCH Mini-POS server and cashier terminal kit currently available for $200 USD. A standalone server is available for $125, while an additional BCH Mini-POS terminal can be purchased for $75. In September 2018, the development team plans to issue a wallet that allows outsourcing plans for product production by October. The server and terminal system is currently being tested in a UK-based store.


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