Windows 10 formatting without USB | How to format Windows 10?

Windows 10 formatting is a process that many users have difficulty with.. Generally, computers come into play for Windows formatting processes.. However, with the development of technology in recent years, it has become USB-free and easy to install Windows 10 completely.. Therefore, you can quickly and simply apply the formatting process at home without taking it to the computer shop.

For the Windows 10 formatting process, a price between 50 and 100 TL is currently requested.. Computer users can perform this process via formatting USB and various programs.. However, with the development of technology both on the Windows side and on the information side, you can simply format at home.. Thus, you can get rid of the money you will give to the computer developer.. It is normal that you have watched many Windows 10 USB and programmatic formatting articles so far.. But we will tell you step by step how to format Windows without CD, USB and program.. Here is the step-by-step explanation of the Windows 10 formatting question

Windows 10 formatting without USB

How to format a computer at home We are sure that the question has arisen at many points in your life.. Many of your relatives have even asked you this question.. If you are not an expert in computers or do not understand much about these things, it is likely that you recommended him to go to a computer technician.. However, with the development of technology, formatting at home is also done simply.. Especially Windows 10 formatting is done without USB, program or even CD.. As a result, if you are searching for the answer to the question of how to format at home, you are at the right place.. Because now we will list the Windows 10 USB-free soft reset step by step.

a – Press CTRL + ALT + DEL. Click the power button in the lower right corner of the screen while holding down shift.. Then say reboot. However, do not stop pressing the shift key during this process.

b – In the new window that will open, you will see 4 options.. Click on “Troubleshoot” option in these options. Then enter the next 2 “Reset this PC” and “Advanced Options” sections. Then click on the “Remove completely” button.. Then wait for 5 minutes.

c – After following this process, you will see the “Cloud download” and “Local reinstallation” options again.. Here too, choose the “local reinstallation” option.

d – Next, you will see the option to completely clean the driver. There is an important point to mention here.. You must secure your files to the e drive or a flash beforehand.. Otherwise, after saying clean the drive, all your files will be lost.

e – After all the above steps, you will be asked if you are “sure”.. Then the formatting process will start.

f – And at this stage, the formatting process continues.. After this process, which will be considered relatively long, the formatting process will be completed after filling in the information such as the incoming region preference, language options and phone number.. It’s that simple. Thus, Windows 10 is formatted without a program, without a CD.

How long does Windows 10 reset take?

In 10 licensed formatting processes, there are some waiting times if it is applied without a program and without a CD.. In particular, there will be waiting times at certain points of the list we have given above.. However, the longest waiting time will undoubtedly be during the formatting process.. Windows The reset process takes around 1 hour on average.. However, this is changing for those using the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UFEI) program.. Of course, the same situation can change with the use of CD and flash memory.. However, as we mentioned, this is the simplest answer to formatting a computer at home.

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