Will Ethereum continue to rise?

Ethereum has been making its investors smile with its performance recently. Will ETH continue to rise? Details are in our news.

Will Ethereum’s rise continue?

Ethereum’s recent bullish momentum has pushed the price to new highs. Ethereum continued to rise on the first day of May and hit an all-time high at $2,868 on the price charts.

This increase was already expected by many investors, thanks to Ethereum’s strong fundamentals.

It is already known by everyone that Bitcoin is the undisputed leader of the market.. However, Ethereum’s strong infrastructure does not go unnoticed and increases its power in the market day by day.

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In this case, everyone has a common question in mind.. Will Ethereum continue to rise? Especially after the Berlin update carried out by Ethereum in the past weeks, gas prices decreased and this decrease played a role in the rise of Ethereum price.. It is considered that the acceleration will accelerate with the London update.. JPMorgan recently stated that Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin.

According to data from Santiment, BTC’s dominance over altcoins like ETH is now decreasing. The data pointed to how Ethereum has closed the gap in Bitcoin’s dominance over the past few months. /p>

According to data from Glassnode, the hash rate of ETH also reached a new ATH today. This has been growing for the past few months and consecutive ATHs seem to be fairly regular. In addition, it remains a lucrative investment for most investors as ETH can bounce back faster than BTC after correction. Glassnode also reported that the number of ETH addresses in profit (7d MA) has reached another high of 57,488.552,762. If not blocked, it strengthens the possibility of reaching the expected level of $ 3,000 in the coming weeks.


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