Will Bitcoin Rise To $4,200?

The rise in the price of Bitcoin and the market volume increase accordingly. While the reasons for the rise of the Bitcoin price are sought, it is not yet known or explained what the cryptocurrencies have risen due to.. While Bitcoin owners have been thinking that there has been a Bitcoin winter for a while and this has affected all crypto money markets, according to investors, it should take a while for a rise above their expectations.. About how long this period will last, investors with cryptocurrencies that have entered the market in the past think that crypto money prices have decreased due to many reasons and that it should take a while to pass the $ 4,000 resistance again.

One of the reasons that lowered the Bitcoin price. It is known that investors make sales and sales are caused by the decline in the crypto money markets.. According to investors, it is possible that the declines experienced in the past in the market will continue and these decreases have not yet ended.. For this reason, investors, although there is a risk that owning cryptocurrencies will cause big problems for them in the future, it is possible that the market will attract a lot of attention from the institutional side in the future and prices will stabilize depending on the demand for other cryptocurrencies in the crypto money market.

It is known that the allegations of fraudulent transactions by cryptocurrency exchanges and the fact that people who want to own crypto money act not by considering the possible losses, but by not taking the losses into account, are only one of the factors that pose the biggest problem for the crypto money market.. Investors who think that the investment required for the increase in crypto money prices is not enough, after a while, it will be possible for the market to recover itself with the passage of the $ 4,000 resistance, and after the rise again, the investors can evaluate the market better, get the highest profit and make the most profit. It shows that they can afford to wait for a certain period of time in their investments to stay in the market.

Just after the record level in the last month of 2017, a big decline started in 2018, people who invested in the crypto money market in the first days of 2018, when the crypto money winter started. They bought Bitcoin at a record price of 20 thousand dollars and thought that it could exceed 40 thousand dollars. .

Bitcoin f Although the decrease in the price of the cryptocurrency and the resulting decrease in the crypto money market volume and the record decrease faced with the reaction of the investors, the investors lost more than 80% of its value in a short time, with the market volume depreciating millions of dollars and the depreciation of thousands of dollars. They declared that they will not have Bitcoin, which loses in it, but that they will not sell their cryptocurrencies at a loss.

If Bitcoin exceeds the resistance of 4,000, it is possible for cryptocurrencies to reach the level of $ 4,200 and then $ 5,000, and it will be short-lived. It is expected to do so soon.


$4,200 resistance point will now be a circumvented price market. Bitcoin owners will understand that the price of Bitcoin is better with the change of hands at $ 4,200, and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and other different cryptocurrencies will also gain value.

In a market where it is not possible to talk clearly about the future of cryptocurrencies, It is expected that the purchase demands and sales demands of the investors will result in an increase in purchases and a decrease in sales in the coming days.. An increase in purchases and a decrease in sales may lead to a very positive price increase in terms of market volume and market price.

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