Will Bitcoin Drop Again?

The claims about Bitcoin have been maintaining its performance in the upward direction in recent days as “fall, fall, rise, rise”. Bitcoin, which could not pass the $ 5,000 level, which is the price expectation of investors, has never seen the $ 5,000 level or close to it after the declines that started in November last year. While the claims about Bitcoin, which could not break the $ 4,000 resistance, are that it will be able to break the $ 4,000 resistance in a few days and see the $ 5,000 level and that it will continue to rise like this, the investors have little confidence in the market in this regard. They state that they will sell their investments if it starts, they do not trust what the market will do, and although they are hopeful for the future of the crypto money market, which can change at any moment, they are not very hopeful from today.

It may fall at any moment

In case of possible sale of large investors Bitcoin, which can drop hundreds of dollars, can wipe out billions of dollars in the cryptocurrency market volume in just 1 hour. Most of the vigilant investors stated that they will not give Bitcoin a chance to “wait” again in a possible decline, and that they will protect their own losses in this case. >

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