Why Doesn’t Bitcoin Price Break The $4,000 Resistance?

It is a matter of curiosity when the Bitcoin price will break the $4,000 resistance. Investors have not yet found answers to these questions, and they are wondering when crypto money prices will break records. Most of the crypto investors, who wonder how billions of dollars of transactions are made every day on crypto money exchanges, prevent the $ 4,000 resistance from breaking, believe that breaking the $ 4,000 resistance of the crypto money will be one of the most important issues. There is no analyst who knows when cryptocurrencies will pass the $ 4,000 resistance for today and tomorrow. There are only guesses. Since the Bitcoin price breaking the $4,000 resistance will have a positive impact on the entire crypto money market, investors think that crossing the $4,000 resistance immediately will help shorten the time for the record price.

The future of cryptocurrencies depends on it

Since the future of cryptocurrencies is completely dependent on the Bitcoin price, investors think that there will be a buying demand for Bitcoin to break the $4,000 resistance, and that the rise in crypto money prices depending on the buying demands can play a role in overcoming the $4,000 resistance at any moment.


When the Bitcoin price exceeds the $4,000 resistance and sees the $5,000 level after the $4,000 resistance, investors are wondering how different the change in the crypto money markets will be, and how soon the Bitcoin price will stabilize. Investors think that it is possible at any time to rise to the level of $ 4,000, which they see as the most important level for the rise of crypto money prices, if not this month, but next March. Since the rise in the price of Bitcoin is mostly dependent on large investors, the importance of large buying and selling demands made on cryptocurrency exchanges is very important.

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