Why did Instagram and WhatsApp crash? Failed to refresh stream?

Is Instagram down? Instagram, which had frequent crashes after the Facebook company went under its umbrella, crashed once again.. Millions of instagram users faced the problem of “stream failed to refresh”. So Is Instagram crashed? What’s the issue with the stream not being refreshed? why can’t I login to Instagram? Here are their answers

Is instagram crashed?

instagram did it crash? One of the most popular social media platforms, instagram has collapsed. Millions of users are currently unable to login to their account. Even though it did, the stream could not be refreshed or faced failed to load posts. While many people were turning their internet on and off, it was understood that the problem was at a global level and Instagram accounts could not be reached in many countries.. Currently, tags such as instagram down have increased in popularity, especially on Twitter.. Instagram did not make an official statement on the subject.

What is the Instagram feed could not be renewed problem?

Users who wanted to log into their Instagram account a while ago realized that they could not perform this action. In particular, users who want to switch between their accounts or navigate on the home page faced the problem that the stream could not be refreshed.. Some users were faced with the message Failed to load posts. While the problem, which has been going on for about 10 minutes, has not been resolved yet, Instagram has not made an official statement..

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The problem became a worldwide problem and it was said that the problem could be caused by the server. On the other hand, it was claimed that another application under the roof of the same company, WhatsApp, also crashed.. This information has not been confirmed yet, but it continues to investigate millions of questions such as Has WhatsApp crashed.

Note: Whatsapp crash issue has been fixed. Instagram crash problem fixed.

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