Who is İsmail Tokalak? Ismail Tokalak vaccine description!

Who is İsmail Tokalak? It is frequently seen on television screens.. Especially Ismail Tokalak is followed closely with his statements about the coronavirus vaccine and the process.. However, in addition to all these, he has written many books as a researcher and author.

Who is İsmail Tokalak? For many years, he has done research in many fields, especially in plants and agriculture.. However, in recent years, he arouses curiosity with his statements on the television programs he has participated in about the coronavirus.. As such, many citizens are researching the biography of İsmail Tokalak.. We have compiled both his biography and the books he wrote so far for you.

Who is İsmail Tokalak?

Ismail Tokalak was born in 1953 in Samsun’s Bafra district.. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that it was born intertwined with the soil.. Bafra was at the forefront of Turkey’s largest tobacco production areas at that time.. Therefore, this feature has added a lot to Tokalak.. After primary, secondary and high school education, he graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the age of 26.. He worked in various fields in Turkey.. He has been a columnist for many newspapers.. Later, the way of the researcher writer, as the calendars showed the year 1998, went to England. Here, he completed his residency in the Department of Economics at the University of London.. He then returned to Turkey and completed his military service.. During his English years, he was interested in football without becoming a professional.. Tokalak is married and has two children.

Ismail Tokalak books

Ismail Tokalak, who is 68 years old, has written many books in his life.. But before that, we should mention Tokalak’s curiosity about agriculture.. Because he is one of the people who take the responsibility for organic farming.. Especially İsmail Tokalak has made serious researches on cannabis.. On the other hand, İsmail Tokalak made many evaluations about the vaccine and the coronavirus process.. These definitions of the famous researcher have been echoing on television screens, especially in recent days. In this way, İsmail Tokalak is widely discussed in social media, especially in Ekşi Sözlük.

Ismail Tokalak’s books are as follows;

  • Pharmaceutical in the World and Chemical Terrorism
  • Capitalism’s Robbery Scheme
  • Food Terrorism in the World
  • The Last Millennium of Humanity
  • Why Islamic Countries Failed
  • Health and Consciousness Begins From Earth
  • Covid-19 Facts and the Future
  • The Origins of Ahilik Bektashism, Alevism and Mevlevi
  • Empire of Fear
  • Robbery and Exploitation in the World of Football
  • The Origins of Judaism and its Global Power
  • Emperors of Money
  • The Brutal Order Called Supreme Mind
  • Backwardness and Terror
  • The Byzantine-Ottoman Synthesis
  • Global Exploitation with Its Institutions and Games
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