Who is Erdal Aras? Who is Sedat Peker Erdal Aras, where is he from?

Who is Erdal Aras? After a program attended by Süleyman Soylu today, the name Erdal Aras is on the agenda again.. Sedat Peker has often mentioned the name Erdal Aras in his youtube videos.. So who is Erdal Aras, whom Süleyman Soylu has known since his Democratic Party years? Why does Sedat Peker attach so much importance to the issue of Erdal Aras?

Who is Erdal Aras? Erdal Aras, known as Sedat Peker’s right-hand man, is once again on Turkey’s agenda.. This time, Sedat Peker, who tweeted parallel to Süleyman Soylu’s live broadcast, uses the name Erdal Aras again.. As you know, Peker also mentioned names such as Feridun President, Halil Falyalı and Reşat Fazlıoğlu.. So why is Erdal Aras so important?

Who is Erdal Aras?

He is known as Sedat Peker’s right-hand man. It is said that during the years of the Democrat Party, Süleyman Soylu played a major role in sitting in the chair of the Istanbul Provincial Presidency in the general assembly.. In such political and even football clubs’ presidential congresses, the mafia is mentioned.. For example, the mafia has put weight in the general assembly for the presidency of many clubs.. It is claimed that Sedat Peker dominated the Democratic Party’s elections that day.. It is said that he achieved this through his former right arm, Erdal Aras.. In this way, it is stated that Süleyman Soylu won the presidency.. In fact, Sedat Peker recently shared a photo.. And in this photo, he revealed the victory pose of Erdal Aras and Süleyman Soylu.. However, there is no clear statement from Soylu on this issue..

Who is Sedat Peker Erdal Aras?

It is claimed that Erdal Aras is featured in some places due to the close relationship between Süleyman Soylu.. For example, Erdal Aras was the Democratic Party Sancaktepe Mayor Candidate in the 2009 local elections.. In addition, it is stated that the friendships of Sedat Peker, Erdal Aras and Sivasspor Club President Mecnun Odyakmaz consolidated during these periods.. On the other hand, Sedat Peker said to Süleyman Soylu in a tweet today, “Why did you take my right-hand man, Erdal Aras, into the Democratic Party’s mkyk? Why did you make him the Mayor of Sancaktepe?”

On the other hand, Sedat Peker continued his tweets at the same time, referring to the live broadcast of Süleyman Soylu on Habertürk TV.. He touched upon many points from Mubariz Masimov to Mehmet Agar, from Nadir Salifov to Hadi Özışık.. In summary, can we say that the country has returned to Valley of the Wolves?

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