Venture capitalist Bogart reviews 8 major cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

Speaking to CNBC, Blockchain venture capitalist Spencer Bogart said that despite the ongoing losses, Bitcoin is still buyable.

Bogart continued, “Every big bank is trying to do something in this area.. They are trying to offer Bitcoin products to their customers, they are working for a custody platform or they are opening a trading desk.. The deeper institutionalization of Bitcoin is generally positive.” said.

Bogart, on the other hand; Cardano also recommended selling cryptocurrencies such as TRON, IOTA, and NEO. “Many of these tokens are overvalued,” Bogart said.. They may have gone up considerably, but they also have a great headwind.”

Bogart; He described alternative coins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and EOS as “neutral” and said that his investors should wait for now.

Bogart stated that he is cautious about Ethereum as many ICOs are built on Ethereum.. He stated that when ICOs do not work, this can have bad consequences for Ethereum.

*Headwind: Headwind in shipping.

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