Venezuelan Management Will Obligatory Pay Their Pensions With Petro!

It has been claimed that the pensions of senior citizens will be paid in Petro in order to further increase the use of Petro, the allegedly stolen cryptocurrency produced by the Venezuelan administration itself. With this aspect, Venezuela, which is constantly taking new steps in printing money and known as the world’s most bankrupt economy, will force its retired citizens in the country to buy their pensions not in cash, but with the crypto currency Petro.

A democratic right in the country. Venezuela, which allows the right to retire, will cause difficulties for retired citizens with this payment method, and it is still a matter of curiosity how very old people who do not know how to use Petro can withdraw this payment method and how they can turn it into cash. After this claim published in a South American news source, Maduro’s administration did not make a statement on this subject, but media reports claimed that Nicolas Maduro’s administration showed that it was “obsessed” with paying with crypto money. It has been claimed that high-level economic officials in the Maduro administration may have been informed about this by the head of state.

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