Uphold announces it has started supporting Ripple

Digital payments startup Uphold announced on Wednesday that it has started supporting Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency. XRP can now be traded on Uphold with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Vice President J.P. Thieriot said that Ripple received more than 12 thousand votes and 51% of the total votes, in the “to be added cryptocurrency” survey they published on Twitter.

Also, in January, former Ripple chief risk officer Greg Kidd’ With an investment of 57.5 million dollars from the company, the company acquired the mobile commerce platform Cortex MCP a month later.

Uphold has been trying to list Ripple for a while

Thieriot has been around for about 1 month He said that they are dealing with the integration of XRP and continued his words as follows:

“Since we do not have an internal order book, we generally have to find counterparties with whom we can trade with our system. We have to create an integration with a third party. For this, we created an entirely new Blockchain with XRP.”

Now XRP can be traded without any commission. It can be exchanged for 23 fiat currencies and 7 cryptocurrencies. According to Uphold, in the next stage, they will integrate with the Ripple network itself, enabling direct deposits and withdrawals via the mainnet. The company said this should be implemented in the next few weeks.


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