Update decision with reaction from TikTok: It will store the data of its users

Recently, the world’s most popular Chinese social media application TikTok’s new update decision has drawn a great reaction from its users. TikTok, the short video application with more than 1 billion active users, was receiving a great reaction for giving the information of its users to the Chinese government for security reasons. TikTok, the pioneer of features like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, has updated its privacy policy.

To be used by algorithms

WhatsApp After the controversial update of the Chinese giant, the decision to update the new privacy policy caused great reactions. With the new decision, TikTok started collecting biometric data of users. The data in question will be backed up by the application and can be used by algorithms developed to recognize users.

There will also be face and voice traces


Social media giant TikTok’s reactionary update decision will include the face and voice traces of users among the data stored. TikTok presents these details to the user under the sub-title of “Image and Sound Information”. The new privacy policy was put into effect on Wednesday.

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