UK cryptocurrency exchange begins offering Bitcoin futures

British cryptocurrency exchange executives in a statement on March 14, that Coinfloor will launch the world’s first “physically delivered” Bitcoin futures contracts in April 2018.. In addition, he announced on Wednesday on CoinfloorEX, the London-based cryptocurrency market established in 2013, that they will start operating in this field, like many companies that offer Bitcoin futures transactions to their customers, starting next month.

Represents the derivatives industry. Speaking at the annual conference of the Futures Industry Association (FIA), a trading organization that trades in Florida, Coinfloor co-founder Mark Lamb announced that he will announce a private futures exchange called CoinfloorEX shortly before its exchange.

Coinfloor also confirmed the news of the exchange on its Twitter account on Thursday, March 15.

UK cryptocurrency exchange to offer “physically delivered” futures securities


Bitcoin futures contracts will be different from futures securities offered by the US futures platform CBOE and CME. Because Coinfloor contrary to some of its competitors, will offer its futures securities financially to its customers.. In this case, the real asset (Bitcoin) that was traded when the bill expires will be delivered to its owner. Since the futures securities offered by the CME and the CBOE are cash-based, Bitcoin is not issued to the holder.

Mark Lamb says that these contracts, which may be subject to price manipulation, eliminate security concerns.. He also stated that this product emerged due to the demands of some customers in the stock market and added: >

Demand for Bitcoin futures contracts is high

Although some commentators have noted big returns from futures contracts to date, CBOE product development manager Dennis O’Callahan says the company sells about 7,000 futures contracts a day. told. Dennis O’Callahan said:. We are pleased with the progress made by the new futures contracts we are launching.

Overall, Coinfloor is the 5th company in the world that offers Bitcoin futures.. Apart from that, it trades Bitcoin futures at Bitmex, CryptoFacilities, CME Group and CBOE.


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