Turkey’s new GSM operator VESTELCELL is launched

Owning production and marketing companies operating in the information technologies, defense industry and electricity and electronics sectors, Vestel has now set its sights on the GSM sector.. The company that made an agreement with Türk Telekom launched the VESTELCELL service, which will provide mobile connection service.

Today, there are 3 main GSM companies in our country, but Türk Telekom, which has the largest infrastructure among these companies, has established partnerships with many companies and launched different GSM brands. allows to pass. Vestel joined these brands and the work has been completed.

It will offer more affordable tariffs

According to HaberTürk’s news, the new was established with the aim of increasing operators, domestic projects and collaborations.. VESTELCELL tariffs, which are announced to provide only postpaid line service, will appeal to end users in a simplified manner.. From this point of view, it is possible to say that VESTELCELL will offer more affordable tariffs compared to main operators.

Target is 250 thousand users in 5 years

Turan Erdoğan, CEO of

Vestel, said, “We will offer new applications to mobile communication users in our country and our industry, on this path we set out with the aim of creating new applications and added value in mobile communication channels.. Our first goal with VESTELCELL is to reach 250 thousand users in 5 years.” Türk Telekom CEO Ümit Önal said that VESTELCELL’s “VESTELCELL, a new option for users who prefer postpaid mobile lines, thanks to this cooperation.” We are very happy to present it to the experience of users.” It will be offered to consumers through Vestel sales points that find. The fact that the user target was limited to 250 thousand in 5 years and the postpaid subscription system was adopted shows that the new GSM brand can only appeal to Vestel customers.. In addition, it is planned to offer various advantages in shopping for Vestel branded products with VESTELCELL.. Information about what these advantages will be has not been shared yet.

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