Trump’s FED Response May Have Dropped Cryptocurrencies

American President Donald J. Trump spent the whole day at the White House with his wife Melania Trump today due to Christmas, and during the day, he answered the questions asked by the children by calling NORAD due to Christmas, and was on the agenda of the press. US President Donald J. Trump, who constantly targets the interest rate policy of the FED on his Twitter account during the day, said that after these statements, the Bitcoin price dropped by more than 500 dollars, and Trump’s statements also made it possible to use cryptocurrencies. It may have caused him to fall!” led to comments. Despite the billions of dollars in value loss, the total of the crypto money markets, which have a market cap of over 100 billion dollars, seems to have a fairly large market cap, but having very little market cap is known as a big risk for “investors”.


The biggest problem for the American economy today is the interest rate policy of the FED, this must change! –  American President Donald J. Trump

The fact that the decreases in Bitcoin price after the FED statements were also affected by Trump’s statements may be true and may have affected the prices.

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