Tone Vays: Tom Lee Can’t Guess Right

Tone Vays, about the claim of one of the crypto analysts, Tom Lee, “I don’t think it’s a claim that can be true. The $15,000 expectation needs longer to come true, and by the end of 2018, Tom Lee’s claim is that the Bitcoin price will be at least $15,000. It is next to impossible for this to happen in about 15 days. I think Lee should know, or may know, that this claim he has made is untrue.” said. He explained that they were asked a lot of questions about Bitcoin and that it would not be possible for anyone to know the prices of cryptocurrencies in terms of predictions. He claimed that these days could happen.

Tone Vays thinks the opposite

Tone Vays, on the other hand, thinks that cryptocurrencies will fall further, their prices will decrease depending on the decreases and eventually their value may remain very low. Vays states that his expectation is that according to Lee, there is a “mountains of difference” regarding the fall in the Bitcoin price.

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