TMSF put Adnan Oktar’s goods up for sale up to his shirt: A stunning figure!

The properties of Adnan Oktar, who has been in prison for a while for being the Leader of the Armed Terrorist Organization, were also put up for sale by the SDIF. Many products, from office supplies to advertising companies, from clothes to vehicles, were put on the sales list.

The Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), to which Adnan Oktar Armed Terrorist Organization companies, to whom he was appointed as the trustee, sold movable goods. took it out. The goods will be sold by tender on July 8.

In the announcement made by the SDIF, it was announced that the movable goods will be sold collectively on the basis of each company.

Surat Cargo, Sürat Logistics and Nurkay Makina are put up for sale

The brand, model, number and unit price of the goods are listed one by one. Among the goods belonging to the six companies are office furniture and computers, as well as world-famous brands’ jackets, ties, shirts, antique furniture, vases, sculptures.

The list includes Mac Renzi, Vettriano, Beymen suits, Giovanni Pico, Davidoff shirts, Daniel Hechter. , Benties, Versace, Dufy ties. There are even sneakers on the list.

The bids can be given to the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund’s building in Istanbul until the end of working hours on July 07, 2021, the business day before the auction day.

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