They traded bitcoin, they got fired

Two imams who allegedly traded cryptocurrency Bitcoin in Zonguldak were dismissed. The Presidency of Religious Affairs also launched an investigation regarding this development.

The imams in the Mithatpaşa District of Zonguldak, M.K. and S.B. filed a complaint with the Zonguldak Provincial Mufti, alleging that they were trading the cryptocurrency Bitcoin over the internet. The Presidency of Religious Affairs, which initiated an investigation on the subject, dismissed 2 imams after taking their statements.

They traded Bitcoin

According to the news of OdaTV, Zonguldak Provincial Mufti Rüstem Can 2 imam hatibin Confirming his dismissal, he used the following statements:

There was an investigation about 3-4 months ago. Then they were dismissed. It is true.

Cryptocurrencies are not permissible

With a statement made in the past months, the Presidency of Religious Affairs stated that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin do not have any security and that there are practices known as “Policious Chain” in the public. He said it was similar. Religious Affairs stated that these practices led to the enrichment of certain segments unjustly and without reason, and said that the use of cryptocurrencies is not permissible.

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