The Value of Cryptocurrencies May Increase at the End of the Year

Cryptocurrencies are expected to increase in value by the end of this year. Year-end expectations came to the fore once again, after the crypto money markets turned from red to green again at noon today and the developments that raised Bitcoin to $3,500. Investors, who focused on the decrease in crypto money prices and the resulting decrease in the market volume to 104 billion dollars a while ago, understood once again that it is no longer impossible for the market to rise twice as much as it can drop twice within hours.

While the concerns about whether Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will rise or not, the difficulty of repairing the shaken confidence of investors in cryptocurrencies and low expectations continue, these increases experienced today had a positive effect on investors.

Buyers Increase

Investors who have started buying Bitcoin again, on the social media site Twitter, in their anonymous accounts, “Bitcoin can now be bought with a price of $ 3,500, was the bottom price of $ 3,300?” they wrote. The possibility that the bottom price expectations may have ended with $ 3,300 is not a simple possibility.

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