The Price/Volume Earned by Cryptocurrencies in 24 Hours is the Best in Recent Months!

Cryptocurrencies have fallen unexpectedly in recent months, with volume drops, price losses and investor losses in the market. While the declines have not been interrupted for a while, the rises that have started in recent days have had a positive effect on the crypto money market. According to analysts, who do not expect cryptocurrencies to rise this much in the short term, the continuation of the recent increases is a subject that can affect investors psychologically. If these rises, which will affect the investments of investors in the short and long term, continue and Bitcoin breaks the $4,000 resistance, the market may leave the bear market behind.

Has the bull market started?

Bull market It can start after $ 4,000 in the cryptocurrency market. The increase in Bitcoin price is not a sign that the market has come out of the bear market yet, and the end of the bear market and the prices starting to rise again during the bull market period may be at a time that investors do not expect. The increase in the price of Bitcoin may be the exit from the bear market and the start of the bull market after a certain period of time. As the Bitcoin market price rises and the market volume increases, the proximity to the bull market is increasing as the demand from the investors increases.

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