The latest on The Verge, from Spotify to Subway

Verge, which partnered with the world’s largest adult content sites Pornhub and Brazzers last month, had Spotify on the agenda for a while.

The Verge community, which started a campaign for Spotify to accept Verge, focused on privacy. It also received support from the core team of crypto money.

The campaign, which lasted for about 15 days, is listed under the “Hot Ideas” heading on and has received over 3300 votes. Even if Spotify executives don’t accept XVG as a payment method, they will at least see the suggestion.

A potential collaboration between Spotify and Verge is important not just for XVG, but for the entire cryptocurrency industry.

By the way, Subway was among the sponsors of The Verge’s first meeting in Amsterdam, which will be held on June 9th. This situation brought with it the claim that ‘Verge and Subway will cooperate’. Time will tell if such a thing will happen.

The Verge, which is among the 25 largest cryptocurrencies by market value, is trading at $0.0726.

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