Tesla owner Elon Musk and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos did not pay even 1 dollar of income tax!

A non-profit research group based in the USA examined the retrospective taxes of business people. Studies have shown that ordinary people have a heavier tax burden than the rich.. In addition, while it was understood that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos did not pay even 1 dollar in tax in some years in the past, it came to light that Zuckerberg, who did not want to be under this burden, received a salary of 1 dollar every year as Facebook CEO

US-based profit motive ProPublica, a non-profit organization that conducts research in the public interest, conducted a remarkable study of the world’s richest people.. The institution that reports the results of this research and shares it with the public; Elon Musk announced that names such as Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are in the opposite situation on taxes while making billions of dollars.. For example, Elon Musk did not pay even 1 dollar of income tax while adding wealth to his wealth in 2018.

The report created by ProPublica reveals that the richest people in the world are very smart about avoiding taxes.. So much so that the names we just mentioned did everything they could to avoid taxes, not tax evasion.. This has led to the fact that the names in question do not pay taxes, and even if they do, they pay very small prices compared to their income.. If you wish, let’s examine this report on the basis of names.

No tax on 46 million dollars income

According to ProPublica’s research, Jeff Bezos reported to the state that he earned $46 million in revenue in 2007.. However, he did not pay any income tax in return.. ProPublica, investigating the reasons for this, determined that Bezos spent a large amount of money in return for the income he received, and that there was even a category called “other expenses” from the interest of debts to these expenses.. In other words, Amazon CEO prevented the taxation of his earnings by keeping the income-expenditure balance he gave to the US government at a certain rate.. As we just mentioned, this is tax avoidance, so there is no criminal element involved.

The non-profit organization states that it thoroughly examined the incomes and taxes of the world’s richest people from 2006 to 2018.. In this context, the research team says that Bezos has an income of 127 billion dollars in this period, while the portion shown to the state is only 6.5 billion dollars, while other incomes are not reported on the grounds that they are provided by “side sources”.. Moreover, Bezos paid only $1.4 billion in income taxes between the years mentioned.. While this tax may seem huge, it only represents 1.1 percent of Bezos’ income.. If the numbers we mentioned sound crazy, imagine that you receive a salary of 100 lira and pay only 1 lira and 10 cents to the state as tax‚Ķ Acting like Jeff Bezos. In this context, Elon Musk, who connects his income to stocks, ensures that the income tax he will pay to the state is reduced.. Well, how much taxes did Musk pay in the past years?

According to the research, Elon Musk paid $68 thousand in income tax in 2015 and $65 thousand in 2017.. When the calendars showed 2018, Elon Musk did not pay even 1 dollar of income tax, although he continued to print money.. Moreover, Musk, who also used SpaceX very well for his own income, paid only 3.27 percent of his income as tax.

Zuckerberg is also in the tax evasion frenzy

ProPublica’s research reveals that Mark Zuckerberg is also involved in the tax avoidance frenzy. According to research, Zuckerberg earns only 1 dollar each year from his role as Facebook CEO, he only pays the non-tax of this earnings.. Doing this consciously, Zuckerberg documents that he earns the main part of his income through bonds and stocks, thus avoiding taxation of a large part of his earnings.

ProPublica officials, who also made a statement about the research he made , says that it will conduct a similar study in the coming months, revealing the follies of the richest people in the USA one by one.. Moreover, this team will work on what can be done to prevent tax avoidance, and will sit down with the US government if requested.. So what are your views on this? How does it make you feel that the richest people in the world pay less taxes than you do while you pay taxes on every penny you earn? You can share your ideas with us.

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