Taipei City in Taiwan Will Work with IOTA to Become a ‘Smart City’

Taipei city of Taiwan aims to become a smart city by taking advantage of the Distributed Master Ledger, that is, Blockchain technology. The City has partnered with IOTA, which invests in Tangle technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable citizens to enjoy certain features.

Taipei City Government Information Wei-bin Lee, Commissioner of the Technology Department, said in an official press release that the ‘unique technology’ offered by IOTA will introduce a ‘new smart city era to Taipei citizens. Preparation of ID cards designed by utilizing Tangle technology for individuals. The cards, called TangleID, are expected to protect citizens from identity theft and fraud, while also making it easier to check their health history and other government-related data. plans to create a palm-sized card with sensors that can detect moisture and pollution. The design aims to provide people living in Taipei with up-to-date information on environmental pollution in real time. and now it is more than a theory.”

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