Sürat Cargo, Sürat Logistics and Nurkay Machinery were put up for sale

Surat Cargo, one of the leading companies in the logistics sector, will be tendered by the SDIF for an estimated size of 325 million TL. Sürat Kargo, where Metin Kocael was appointed as the CEO after he was transferred to the SDIF, experienced a serious growth after this change.

The Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) has put the Commercial and Economic Integrity of Sürat Cargo and Sürat Logistics, which are under its body as trustees, and Nurkay Makina’s Commercial and Economic Integrity for sale.

Sürat Kargo is sold

According to the advertisement published in the Official Gazette, bids can be submitted until 27 July for Sürat Kargo and Sürat Lojistik Commercial and Economic Integrity, which will be tendered for an estimated value of 325 million TL. The tender will be held in Istanbul on July 28.

Nurkay Makina’s Commercial and Economic Integrity was put up for sale through the tender to be held on August 3, with an estimated value of 15, 8 million TL.

Change continues at Sürat Cargo

Nurkay Makina Commercial and Economic Integrity, real estates in Sakarya/Akyazı district, factory building, machinery, equipment, fixtures and vehicles and stocks in the factory, Turkish Patent and the trademark and industrial design rights held by the Trademark Authority.

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