Stock Market Wars: Blockchain Trying to Calm Bitstamp Users While Using Coinbase

Bitstamp CEO Nejc Kodrič is trying to distance Coinbase from technical problems due to worldwide changes and massive pressure.

Bitstamp’s priority is “Healthy and Good Communication”

In a message to her users on Thursday, Kodrič tried to reassure those involved in the trade that they will try to resolve their capacity issues despite delays and dissatisfaction.

“The best way to avoid doubts and fears is to have a good communicate and provide constant updates. That’s why I want to explain to you the reason for these delays and how we will overcome them.”

The update coincided with a period of turbulent times in cryptocurrency exchanges.. The influx of new users into the market has been a very stressful and underperforming year, especially for Coinbase. Kodrič is very determined to avoid the troubles of the US stock market giant.

“Despite all the challenges we face, we are proud to be able to ensure near-perfect uptime and availability as demand begins to skyrocket.” He continued, thanking his customers for “continuing to be patient.”

Despite their own promises of improvement, other shopping platforms seem to have had the opportunity to reshape the market., which claimed last week that it would trade Bitcoin, can be cited as an example.

Currently limiting Bitcoin sales to UK customers, CEO Peter Smith told CNBC. In the interview, he said that there will be a US market entry that offers direct competition with Coinbase.

Peter Smith said, “If we prioritized short-term gains, we would prioritize buying, which is very common. it’s something that people do. But we have to make sure that we truly deliver on that experience.”

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