South Korean Government Wants to Increase Won Usage

South Korea-based news sources do not think that the increase in the use of cryptocurrencies by the country’s government will decrease the use of the South Korean currency Won. While the country administration does not see such a threat, it avoids taking drastic measures regarding cryptocurrencies, while it makes us think that it has plans to take immediate steps in case of an increase in the future after the rise of cryptocurrencies and returning to their old days.

The country administration is cautious about crypto money

It is stated that the country is cautious about cryptocurrencies and is working to continue this cautious state. It is estimated that the scope of crypto currency bans, ICO bans and applied crypto money bans to legally taken officials, in case the threats against Won increase due to cryptocurrencies in the future, critical measures can be applied to the exchanges in the country and the scope of the bans can be expanded. According to South Korean Bitcoin owners who commented on the crypto money press in the country, although the administration is not worried about this issue, it does not neglect to take precautions against the threats that may come to them in the future. .

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