Sidar Şahin bought the harem section of the Kıbrıslı Mansion for 19 million dollars

Sidar Şahin, who sold Peak Games to Zynga company for an astronomical amount, became the new owner of the harem section of Kıbrıslı Mansion for 19 million dollars. Şahin bought this part of the mansion from Ömer Üründül, who is a commentator on sports programs

The harem section of Kıbrıslı Mansion, which is considered one of the largest and oldest mansions in Boğaziçi, is now Sidar. Şahin’s. Şahin, who has investments in Trendyol, Peak Games and many important ventures, became another technology entrepreneur who owns a mansion. Serkan Borançılı, who previously founded GittiGidiyor and is now a partner of Getir, and Yemeksepeti CEO Nevzat Aydın owned a mansion on the Bosphorus.

The Grand Vizier Kıbrıslı Mehmet Emin Paşa Mansion is among the structures that are in the most precious position on the Bosphorus and have been preserved until today. Located in Beykoz Küçüksu, Kıbrıslı Mansion is also one of the oldest of the 600 mansions on the Bosphorus. Giving its back to the forest area, the Yali also has a long coastline.

Cypriot mansion consists of 3 parts as harem, selamlık and outbuildings. Again, according to sources, there are 21 rooms in the mansion. While the heirs of İzzet Mehmet Pasha live in the current Selamlık section of the mansion, Sidar Şahin will reside in the harem section.

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