Scammers Using the Bakkt Name Didn’t Stay Idle

Scammers, trying to collect $50 million using the Bakkt name, demand money from crypto money holders, and they do this using Bakkt’s name. A group of scammers who are blatantly committing fraud have the goal of stealing $50 million even though they haven’t received any money yet, and they can try any method to defraud people. Using the Bakkt name, the scammers trying to deceive people with various explanations about why they collected 50 million dollars, do not prefer that investors can pay themselves with crypto money, they do not prefer bank ways or different payment methods.

Not even 1 dollar has gone yet!

It turns out that the scammers using the Bakkt name have not yet received even 1 dollar. It is known that the immoral people whose target is 50 million dollars, and the website is still open.

Do not give credit to those who demand money using the name of Bakkt or other people, officials and famous companies. No company asks you for crypto money and does not demand money from you with crypto money. Check that the URL part of the websites is correct and see if there is an SSL certificate.

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