Rumor: Are the Rothschilds issuing their own cryptocurrency?

There has been speculation on a topic for a long time in many different sources on the Internet.. That is, the Rothschilds, one of the richest families in the world and even claimed to be “ruling” the world by some, will issue their own crypto money.

This information is claimed to have been leaked through closed channels.. The cryptocurrency project, which will be called IMMO, is said to be a stablecoin that will most likely be backed by gold or some other natural resource.. It is stated that the family is aiming for a global use with this crypto money.. In this case, the dynasty that will be the issuer of IMMO will also have control over a large capital.

The possibility of an official state currency of IMMO is also discussed.. It is also stated that this crypto money will have a function in meeting domestic needs.. According to this claim, IMMO’s private blockchain will enable the Rothschilds to transfer all their wealth to their grandchildren through IMMO tokens.. The rumors may also be the marketing activities of a group of entrepreneurs who are not affiliated with the Rothschilds who will initiate the IMMO project.

On the other hand, 75-year-old David de Rothschild resigned from Rothschild&Co on May 17, when his son Alexandre, 37 years old. handed over to Rothschild. Son Rothschild will manage the organization that has been at the center of world financial markets for 200 years from now on.. It is noteworthy that 37-year-old Rothschild is also closely related to Blockchain technology.

Lastly, last February, the bank accounts of Bitfinex, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, were opened by Dutch Bank ING, owned by The Rothschild Group. transferred to. Circle, a Goldman Sachs company also controlled by The Rothschild Group, has acquired the US-based crypto exchange Poloniex.. At the same time, Circle announced that it will issue the USD-based stablecoin Circle USD Coin in the past weeks.

So it is possible to say that the Rothschilds are very busy with cryptocurrencies.. There are many important coincidences that show that they are directly interested in cryptocurrencies.. It is even stated that there are not one, but many crypto money projects like IMMO.. Who knows, maybe the strings of Bitcoin are in their hands.. Perhaps the Rothschilds are behind this revolution, as some have claimed.


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