Roger Ver Ambitious about the cryptocurrency exchange

Roger Ver announced that a cryptocurrency exchange will definitely be available in the near or distant future. In his statement on the crypto money exchange, he explained that they will need a crypto money exchange in the future, and they will have to be the owner of a reliable exchange. Ver, who was often criticized for his comments about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for claiming that BCH is the real Bitcoin, explained that their name is seen as reliable in the crypto money world and they have to respond to people who make such demands.

Roger Ver Definitely Ambitious

We definitely have to take some steps to set up a cryptocurrency exchange. We have not yet set a definite date for when we will be able to do this. – Roger Ver

The future decisions of Ver, who manages, which is known for owning and is shown as one of the most valuable domain names in the world, will depend more on the domain name. it will make it valuable and will allow it to attract more attention.


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