Ripple Founder Accelerates XRP Sales

The most valuable cryptocurrency of 2017, Ripple, or XRP, with its later name, gained more than one hundred percent value last week after the sharp fall in 2018 and managed to attract attention again. XRP, which is one of the crypto coins that lost the most value in 24 hours, carried its losses to the level of 20 percent and was withdrawn to the 0.45 dollar band in the international markets and to the 2.80 TL level in BTC Turk. The Wall Street Journal, one of the leading news channels of Ripple, created a news that Jed McCaleb, one of the founders of Ripple and now spending his energy on Ripple’s rival, Stellar Lumens, accelerated the sales of XRP.

In 2013, Ripple’s It is seen that McCaleb, who left the company, started working on the new project as one of the founding members of Stellar in 2014.. Due to their similar functions in the cryptocurrency market, Stellar and Ripple are often referred to as rival cryptocurrencies.

Owning Billion Dollars of XRP

In the news, Ripple co-founder McCaleb While emphasizing that he has billions of dollars worth of XRP tokens, it was stated that McCaleb had 4 billion dollars worth of XRP in 2016. It was emphasized that it rose rapidly, reaching an average of 500,000 XRP per day and 750,000 XRP at its peak.. After these months, it is seen that McCaleb is selling an average of $ 150 thousand in XRP every day. He sent his answer to the news channel with. It is stated that McCaleb’s right to sell is associated to a certain extent with the daily trading volume of XRP, the currency of the Ripple network.

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