Ripple donates $29 million in XRP to US public schools

Ripple, the leading currency exchange and remittance network, announced that it has donated $29 million in XRP to support public schools in the US.

The world’s third-largest cryptocurrency and its creator one of the world’s wealthiest individuals Ripple has donated $29 million in XRP to support public schools in the United States.

Yesterday’s blog post said:

“From the management team to our newest hires, every Rippler started their career in one place, the classroom. The classroom is the place for children to dream and make it happen.”

Ripple donates $29 million in XRP, promoting the industry’s contribution to education

The donation was made by XRP to With 501 US-based nonprofits, individuals are allowed to donate directly to public school classroom projects. Ripple said: Today, nearly 30,000 public school teachers and nearly one million students in each state receive learning books, school supplies, technology, field trips, and other resources through”

The company also selected as a donation platform. He points out that stems from the principle of participating in education. It reflects Ripple’s focus on developing greater participation and accessibility in the global economy.

However, XRP is not having a bright day in terms of price these days. The main problem with Ripple is that it does not operate in a decentralized system like other cryptocurrencies, but in a centralized system.


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