Ripple Bulls Set Target Price For XRP

2018 has been a trial year for cryptocurrency holders. The bear market has greatly impacted the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency, lost 75% of its value. Altcoins also experienced the same drop.. The devastation experienced by cryptocurrencies was even more severe in Ethereum (ETH), and it lost its second place due to its losses. XRP ranks second as the second most valuable cryptocurrency. The rise to second place came despite XRP suffering a massive 84 percent drop from its 2017 peaks.. However, at the time of this writing, Ethereum is back in second place.

XRP Optimism Continues

Despite everything, there is a mood of optimism.. While price is only one of the metrics used to measure overall performance, bulls have a strong belief that digital asset prices will explode after the coldness of the entire year subsides.. The premier leader of this mass of bulls is none other than Jed McCaleb. Jed is an influential factor in the development of Ripple.. In fact, Jed’s XRP liquidation in the second and third quarters of 2018 was one that boosted sales.

However, price tides seem to be changing.. In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, the Stellar founder says he finds it hilarious when people say the crypto market is going to topple, and that the cryptocurrency market is trending upwards.. According to him, the cryptocurrency market as a whole has experienced a pullback from its 2017 peaks.. But from a general perspective, the cryptocurrency market is bullish.. He explains it this way:

“It’s funny when people say the cryptocurrency market is going to topple.. In my opinion, cryptocurrency prices are still strong. It just came down from the top, but on the whole, it’s elevated.. We don’t focus too much on price, it’s not a big deal for us. When prices go up, it means more people are interested and you have the money to earn more.. ”

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Target $0.40

Last day, XRP struggles against liquidation, but the previous The price per hour has increased by 1%.. In line with the previous XRP/USD pair trading plan, enterprising traders may be advised to hit any bottom as long as prices trend above 34 cents.

This is our current support line and points to the fundamentals of the new uptrend on Dec 28.. Due to this converging horizontal consolidation, make a note of our final trading plan in effect.. There is a drop in the 61% Fibonacci retracement analysis level here.. This level indicates that prices such as 40 cents and 34 cents are anchored in the 6 cents trading zone.

Since our outlook is a bull run, every pullback is a buying opportunity.. This is also our short-term XRP/USD trading plan:

  • Buy: 40 cents, Spot Price
  • Stop Sell: 37 cents, 34 cents
  • Target Price : 55 cents, 45 cents

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