Papara made a statement: “It is not banned, we are subject to independent audit”

While the Central Bank’s statement that it cannot be paid directly or indirectly with cryptocurrencies fell like a bomb on the agenda, the 4. item 2. Papara‘ is followed by the clause “Payment and electronic money institutions cannot mediate platforms that offer trading, custody, transfer or issuance services for crypto assets, or fund transfers from these platforms”. or converted.

The first statement on the subject was made by Papara Founder Ahmed Karslı.. Karslı, who participated in the A Para live broadcast, used the following expressions:

“I find the arrangement positive in this respect.. 3. item 1. It is valuable that the definition of crypto money is made in the paragraph and it is used as a term.. I can’t comment very positively for the rest of the arrangements.. Two things to express. The first is that crypto assets are not used as a means of payment.. The second is that electronic institutions that directly concern Papara, namely fintechs, cannot mediate crypto money payments.. A little bit of misinformation needs to be fixed here.. I don’t think there is a tax dimension to the regulation here.. Because today, you can invest in a crypto money exchange with a bank, not with Papara.. So, I don’t have any interest in the tax.. There is no difference between papara and a bank in a regulatory sense.. The more the bank is subject to control, the more money is kept.

We conflicted in our public policies

Announcing that the Central Bank did not find the regulation of cryptocurrencies correct, Karslı continued his words as follows:

“ I am fundamentally opposed to this regulation.. As both a lawyer and someone who has been in the fintech industry for 5 years. I think banning is the easiest way. Rather than banning, I think it would be more logical to talk to industry stakeholders and focus on solving the problems in a more constructive way.. Because now x is a cryptocurrency exchange traded for over $100 billion. Famous financial institutions have accepted cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.. With this regulation, we both created contradictions globally and contradicted our public policy.. Also, our cryptocurrency revenues are not even 10 percent of our total revenues, please don’t get me wrong.”

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