‘Not True’ : Goldman Denies Bitcoin Trading Rumor

Goldman Sachs CEO has denied the report they published last year that they are going to create their own Bitcoin trading platform.

Timely in the Wall Street Journal, “Goldman‘s target includes both the currency trading division and the bank’s strategic investment group. This move by the bank shows that it believes the future of Bitcoin is a payment method rather than a store of value like gold.”

CNBC at the World Economic Forum held on Wednesday at Davos. Speaking at the conference, CEO Lloyd Blankfein said the report was untrue. He also left the door open in case Goldman could one day move in that direction.

Speaking to the press Blankfein :

“What we’re saying is, we’re opening space for Bitcoin for our future customers, we’re clearing futures. We are bankers, and if our customers will do it, we will do it too. To put it simply, we will enter into businesses based on Bitcoin principles, we will create a market, there is no such thing for now.”

When journalists asked Blankfein if her family was into Bitcoin, she replied, “I can’t speak for all my children. You know the millennials, they may have entered, I don’t think the grown-ups did.” He said.

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