New tactic in Ripple case from SEC!

From the statement made by the SEC, it is understood that it is in a new tactic for the Ripple case.

New tactic from the SEC in the Ripple case!

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is trying to prevent XRP investors from getting involved in the Ripple lawsuit.

The SEC has announced that no charges have been brought against secondary market investors so far.

The SEC states that they are trying to get together and try to issue a supreme court decision to influence the discretion of investors.

Attempts to intervene are mainly trying to force the SEC to initiate an enforcement action against secondary market investors of XRP.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission states that such an attempt will not be accepted by the US judiciary and a higher judicial decision will not be issued against them. Also, any help from exchanges that block or delist XRP.

Those involved do not add anything new to the case

The SEC does not recommend any new arguments for those wishing to be involved in the case. claims that they do not.

The SEC states that XRP investors have launched a “crusade” against a government agency trying to expose a corruption.. The SEC alleges that John Deaton, the attorney spearheading the effort, is struggling to gain followers on his personal Twitter account.

From February 28 to March 14, 2021, Deaton became the focus of potential investor incentives for collective action as part of an effort to issue a supreme court ruling against the SEC.

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