Mike Novogratz Trusts Cryptocurrencies

Mike Novogratz has added new shares to his existing stake in Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency lender. Confident that crypto money prices will increase in value in the coming years due to the constant change, Mike Novogratz has increased the share of his own shares, and with this step, he unofficially announced that he trusts and will continue to trust the crypto money industry.

More than $ 136 million. Famous names in the market, who evaluated that it was a great chance that Galaxy Digital, which made a loss, did not go bankrupt, thought that giving credit with crypto money was a big risk and it was impossible for everyone to take this risk, while Bitcoin owners did not invest, thinking that this money would come back to them, and taking risks. they think they are investing.

Mike Novogratz is standing despite the loss

Mike Novogratz, who gave confidence to the market after increasing his shares, can make decisions for Galaxy Digital, which gives credit with crypto money, to walk confidently in 2019. How decisions are made to repair more than 136 million losses is entirely dependent on the decisions made by the executives within the company.

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