MicroStrategy continued to invest in coins: 1 billion dollars received BTC

MicroStrategy continues to invest in Bitcoin. The CEO of the company stated that they bought more than $ 1 billion in BTC with his social media post.. Thus, he gave the message that they want to continue to be one of the most important players among bitcoin investors

After Elon Musk’s statements that destroyed BTC, it had experienced a decrease of up to 20 percent in the last week.. However, Vitalik Buterin and then Binance CEO reacted to these manipulative statements of Musk.. As investors continue to worry about BTC, MicroStrategy has bought over $1 billion in new bitcoin

MicroStrategy will continue to buy Bitcoin

Shown as one of the most important technology companies in the world, MicroStrategy has decided to continue its BTC investments despite the FUD news in the crypto money world.. BTC, which fell to the worst level of recent times with Musk’s statements, worried its investors. However, MicroStrategy continued to invest in coins and bought 1 billion dollars of new btc.. Thus, MicroStrategy bitcoin purchase increased from 90,000 units in 1 year.

MicroStrategy CEO Saylor, who mentioned that the software company invested 4.6 billion dollars in BTC in just 1 year, said that BTC’s value expressed that they believe it will play a major role in the future as a. He also announced that they will continue to invest in MicroStrategy coins as part of their strategy.. BTC, which decreased again yesterday, is expected to improve in its graph today due to Musk not selling the BTCs in his hands and the continuation of large purchases in this way.. You know that for a while, after Musk’s statements, BTC investors were almost defeated.. During this period, the importance of breast tokens, also known as dog tokens, increased.

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