McAfee Now Joins An Altcoin’s Board of Directors

One of the names closely followed in the crypto money market, successful computer programmer and sensational crypto money phenomenon John McAfee joined the board of directors of Skycoin.

In the past, he promoted ICOs and cryptocurrencies on his Twitter account and indirectly in the crypto money market. John McAfee, the founder of the cyber security company McAfee, which has triggered manipulation through the road and made assertive statements that Bitcoin will reach 1 million dollars, stated in his latest statement that his heart and mind are now with the Skycoin project.

Skycoin de McAfee’s Twitter He shared his satisfaction with McAfee’s joining the team and emphasized that they could not think of a better representative than McAfee in promoting Skycoin’s vision. Emphasizing that they are always advancing on their original vision, Skycoin was created by Bitcoin and Ethereum developers and uses its own management algorithm called “Obelisk”.

Even though the company’s goals and what they are trying to do sound good, Skycoin CEO Synth has been created by his own team. abducted and later at an event saying that he is untouchable, “I am untouchable.. I can murder and eat babies and go on with my life without a scratch,” he expressed, garnering great reaction from the cryptocurrency world;

Skycoin CEO is a lunatic. Stay far away from this coin from CryptoCurrency

As for McAfee, who triggered various disagreements in the future of the project and the crypto money world, “someone who can represent our vision better than him”

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