McAfee Appeals Against Popular Stock Exchange After Voices of Complaints: “Withdraw Your Money Now”

McAfee, who is closely followed by the crypto money market, known for his ambitious prediction that Bitcoin will reach 1 million dollars, and inflaming the discussions of price manipulation in the crypto money market with altcoins and ICOs, which he highlighted in the price acceleration in 2017, was uploaded to HitBTC on Twitter


As we reported to you yesterday, many users on Reddit and Twitter are voicing their complaints about HitBTC, one of the most popular exchanges in the crypto money world.

Users have blocked their accounts or withdrawn money. and deposit transactions did not take place, while HitBTC states that transactions are slow due to increased security measures;

McAfee: HitBTC Scam, Stay Away

McAfee, who has been uploaded to HitBTC many times before, claimed that the creators of the popular cryptocurrency exchange are unknown and that the exchange is harboring dark deeds.

Recently, on Twitter and in the crypto money media. When the criticisms against HitBTC rose, McAfee immediately showed himself and made heavy accusations against the stock market;

“I warned everyone many times. Do not sign up for this exchange. don’t use it. withdraw your money. Everyone teased me at the time for uploading to HitBTC. I warned you six months ago. Don’t ask me for help anymore.”

Proof of Keys is Coming!

The problems HitBTC are experiencing are coming to light as the “proof of keys” event approaches. The idea behind this event is to free the market from the yoke of exchanges by withdrawing users’ funds from cryptocurrency exchanges.. Many analysts and experts argue that cryptocurrency exchanges manipulate prices with the funds they hold.. According to Bitinfocharts, the accounts with the most Bitcoin belong to crypto exchanges, which also keep users’ funds in cold storage.

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