Loss of Winklevoss Twins with 1% of Bitcoin: $600M

The average 50% decrease in the overall market volume in the crypto money market, and an average 40% decrease on the Bitcoin side, caused a loss of 600 million dollars to the Winklevoss brothers, who own 1% of Bitcoin.


Bitcoin in their hands for Facebook, which they lost on time, they bought from Mark Zukerbeg with $ 65 million in money, while bitcoin was 10 dollars. traded at dollar levels. These decreases were experienced by the ban allegations from South Korea and the effects of the news that China would close other exchange-like businesses on crypto currency exchanges.

The value of Bitcoin in the hands of the brothers was $1.3 billion when Bitcoin was at its peak. However, with the decline, this value decreased to 700 million dollars. In other words, the brothers lost 600 million dollars from their Bitcoin.

The Winklevoss brothers are not just Bitcoin investors. They also have a cryptocurrency exchange called Gemini. This exchange works with the CBOE on Bitcoin futures. However, it is said that its users are not very happy.

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