Latest Situation in Cryptocurrency Market: Ethereum, Litecoin and TRON Gain Acceleration

Cryptocurrencies, which were exposed to the pressure of the bear market throughout 2018 after the positive momentum achieved in 2017, are trying to heal the wounds of 2018 in 2019.

Proof of Stake from the Proof of Work mechanism led by Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum As the hard fork date approaches, ETH, which has become the number one in the crypto money market, is still dragging the market upwards today. It gained value and approached the level of 158 dollars and reached a market cap of 16.5 billion dollars.

Besides Ethereum, Bitcoin is 2.1 percent among the top three cryptocurrencies; XRP has gained 1.51 percent in value.

Earnings Over 10 percent in Litecoin and TRON

Within recent developments, the volume of the crypto money market has started to test the 133 billion dollar band, Among the leading cryptocurrencies, Litecoin and TRON stand out with gains of 12.5 percent and 14.8 percent, respectively.

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The ones that gained the most value among the top hundred cryptocurrencies of the cryptocurrency market are REPO, Dentacoin, TRON, Status, Crypto, Ltc, Ardor, PIVX and Odem, respectively;

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, is traded at an average of $3,859 in international markets, and 20,600 Turkish lira on BtcTurk, within the last price changes.

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