Kraken CEO: “Bitcoin Investors Should Be Careful”

Jesse Powell, CEO of

cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, told CNBC today that crypto investors should be aware of the risks they take in their investments.

In an interview at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Powell said that it is the investor, not the stock market, that plays the primary role in risk assessment. He stated: Powell stated that Kraken is doing its best to ensure that every coin it lists is legitimate and that promises can never be made about the future of any coin.. He also added that within 10 minutes, a change of $1 billion could occur.

Kraken is currently trading on CoinMarketCap

Traditional investors often point out that digital currencies lack intrinsic value or that their current trajectory is almost like an economic “bubble”. Nick Spanos, CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corporation, was asked about the negative opinion of cryptocurrency from world-renowned traditional investors such as Warren Buffett. Nick Spanos told CNBC:

Warren Buffett is pretty good at renting furniture and other things he does, but we are in a very different business than he is.. ”

An example similar to the advice given by Powell to investors to better understand their investments came from EU regulators.. Yesterday, EU regulators stated that they are very concerned that consumers who invest in cryptocurrency do not fully understand their investment.

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