John McAfee: Keep Calm, Spring Is Coming

John McAfee spoke after the unstoppable drops in Bitcoin price. He stated that there are factors that reduce Bitcoin and that these factors will continue and end at some point in this period called the bear market. He explained that the changes that are taking place will take a while and that he recommends everyone to wait patiently for this period. McAfee, who did not give much detail in his statement about Bitcoin, stated that he did not see this situation of the market as normal.

I am 73 years old. I’ve seen bear markets in many investments so far and how they have risen afterwards. It is necessary to wait during this time, if you wait, the spring months will come and cryptocurrencies will start to make money again. During this time, investors who wait will win, while those who do not wait will lose. Spring may not come soon, but it will be somewhere and it will be profitable. – John McAfee

While the continuation of Bitcoin price declines with the decrease in market volume brings negative results, there is still hope for investors.

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