Is the Bitcoin drop over or is it just beginning?

The panic atmosphere caused by yesterday’s decline in the cryptocurrency markets continues.. While people still can’t predict the direction of Bitcoin, data from Glassnode helps us with this!

Whales are at the bottom BTC is he collecting?

Crypto money markets, one of the most talked about topics in recent months, cannot settle on a stable ground.. Both Elon Musk’s Doge shines and the harsh movements experienced in Bitcoin, like last night, spoil the whole market.

When we examine the downward movement in Bitcoin yesterday evening, we see that BTC has wicked up to 53.000 dollars, and then We are witnessing it jump above the 55,000 dollar level.

We do not think that this scenario, which we have seen frequently lately, is nothing but a stop bursting and liquidation operation.. In this way, market makers can fill their pockets while ensuring that the sector does not lose its glory and the flow of new investors is not interrupted.

On the other hand, the data from Glassnode supports this hypothesis.. So much so that the graphs provided by the popular analysis company Glassnode show that whales sent 387 million USDT to exchanges in 10 minutes yesterday, and then sent stablecoins worth 427 million shortly afterwards. In other words, it reveals that he sent a total of 813 million USDT.

This shows us that whales are collecting Bitcoin from the bottom, as Moskovski Capital CEO Lex Moskovski stated.

This chart, which was formed last night in Glassnode, was formed after the fall in April, when Bitcoin fell from 63,000 to 47.000 and Bitcoin continued to rise.

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