Is Mining Giant Bitmain Going Down?

Bitmain, the world’s leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware, may be experiencing serious economic difficulties. According to sources close to the firm, Bitmain is on the verge of bankruptcy and could cancel its IPO.. Another possibility is that the company exaggerated its situation, and according to the published documents, their situation was not as perfect as they claimed.

Twitter user Btckinh555, known for being close to Bitmain sources, was following the Bitmain public offering and was reporting that some of it was proven true.

“Bitmain BCH Story 1: A year ago, scammer named Ver manipulated Jihan into forking BCH and becoming its biggest backer. He had no other choice as it was revealed that he was stealing coins from his users on his secret AsicBoost due to his reluctance to SegWit.” tried to make a profit by selling S9 and remaining BTC on behalf of. But now it just loses on the S9s as it doesn’t have a new chip or BTC, and BCH has no Bitmain support left.”

Bitmain hasn’t commented on the subject yet as it is preparing for an IPO.

According to the source, Btckking555 and Coingeek are “making up stories” as a result of nCain and Bitcoin ABC’s BCH hard fork discussion Considering that, the claim of sinking seems a bit fake.. In addition, the company is preparing to sponsor the NBA team Houston Rockets next season.

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