Iran To Introduce Its Own Cryptocurrency In 7 Days! – Allegation

The allegation that Iran will introduce its own digital cryptocurrency, made by a foreign press, has come to the fore.. Iran, which showed interest in cryptocurrencies due to the US sanctions and tried to spread the idea that the US sanctions would not affect the country economically when the first sanctions were applied a while ago, and to create the perception that they are not afraid of the USA, apparently, its work on cryptocurrencies did not save the country. and crypto money projects that could not save the country will be implemented differently in the near future.

Iran, in its joint statements with Russia a while ago, established a crypto money bank as two partner countries against the US sanctions, and traded through this bank. It was announced that they will be doing their business and that they will be prevented from being affected by the sanctions against Iran through the crypto money bank while doing their trade with other different countries.. While trade with Iran was cut off after the warning of the USA, European countries, Turkey and dozens of countries from all over the world had to end their trade with Iran whether they wanted to or not, or decided to start reducing trade to the extent allowed by the USA.


Iran to introduce its own cryptocurrency

In response to the US sanctions, Iran will introduce its own cryptocurrency this week, and it is claimed that this cryptocurrency could play a big role in the future of the country.. Iran is working to solve the sanctions imposed by the USA and the EU by using the crypto currency of the countries in the region, thanks to the crypto currency, that the crypto currency that it will produce and the value of which will be determined by itself will be able to find all the powers to lift the sanctions.

Although the EU claimed that it would support companies that have to comply with the sanctions imposed on Iran, instead of supporting companies that work with Iran, it announced that companies must comply with the law and sanctions.. It is unclear whether Iran will introduce its own crypto currency this week and how much interest the crypto currency, which will not be listed on different exchanges, will attract.

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