How can blockchain solve problems with online gambling sites?

Zero Edge, the world’s first online casino site offering 0% house edge (casino advantage), continues its pre-sale. The last day is March 15!

What are blockchain casinos and how do they work?

Blockchain casinos have become quite popular on the internet lately, and if you’ve just discovered the term, let’s briefly tell you what it is. .

The first thing you need to understand is what Blockchains actually are.. At its core, a Blockchain is digital ledgers in which online transactions using cryptocurrencies are sequentially recorded.. Transactions are jointly recorded and open to everyone.

We can take this principle and operation one step further and apply it to online gambling sites.. The result will be a more transparent and reliable gaming environment.

Potential problems that blockchain technology can solve in the online gambling industry

To summarize, blockchain technology consists of neutral assets known as blocks.. Each block is linked together in a network known as the Blockchain.. The way blockchains are set up, any record (transaction) going through the chain must have the correct value in each block. This results in transparency, impartiality and a high level of accuracy.

One of the biggest problems with traditional online casinos is the fact that they are not all the same level.. In other words, winnings, game results, payouts etc.. there are many online casinos where data is publicly hidden or partially reviewed. However, Blockchain casinos are a completely new type of online casino, they are completely decentralized without the need for a tool to verify transactions.. This provides a fair and transparent system for the online casino industry.

Many players do not realize the fact that playing at a casino has a significant mathematical disadvantage and has no chance of winning against the casino in the long run.. The term house edge describes the average fixed percentage the casino receives from its players.. As long as they have a house edge and players keep playing, they will never come out as winners in the long run.. So the more you play over time, the more you lose. You may be lucky in the short term, but soon enough will be done to “return what belongs to the house”.

How does Zero Edge online casino work?

Zero Edge is a brand new cryptocurrency based. is an online casino. This unique platform is powered by its own cryptocurrency ZeroCoin. The biggest and most important feature of the platform is that it offers a free game to its users with a 0% house edge.

This essentially means that the casino will have no advantage in games such as roulette, 21, slots.. Considering that most online casinos players face a house edge of 10%, this is an incredible opportunity.

Zero Edge doesn’t take house edge because they don’t want to make their profits from the loss of their players.. Instead, the platform focuses on profiting from the value of ZeroCoin, which rises in line with demand.. Simply put, the biggest solution to the problem is to create a free platform to play games.. Players do not have to pay any fixed amount to play at the casino.. This can only be achieved by creating a closed loop economy with the native token. The limited supply of the token makes its value directly proportional to the demand.

Pre-sale continues: Don’t miss the opportunity of 79% discount and low hard cap!

The pre-sale process started on February 28th, It will expire on March 15. You too can enjoy a 79% discount as well as a low hard cap of 1500 ETH.

For detailed information, you can visit the Zero Edge website.


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