Historic agreement between North and South Korea recorded on Ethereum

The historic Panmunjom Declaration, signed last week during the meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, where it will be stored permanently. they didn’t hardcode it into their big supercomputer. According to the news of CoinDesk Korea, 27-year-old South Korean game developer Ryu Gi-hyeok published the Panmunjom Declaration in Korean and English on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ryu made the following statements after this move:

“Even though I have no interest in politics, I am tired of watching the summit. I thought it took so long for South and North to take a step towards each other and listen to each other. After figuring out what I could do as a developer, I found the Panmunjom Declaration on the Blue House homepage and recorded it on the Ethereum Blockchain.”

Ryu also noted that the Panmunjom Declaration was written on the 5517596. Ethereum block, as long as Ethereum goes. He stated that he would stay there and that he wanted to keep this historic document in the crypto world.

Ryu was able to store each version of the peace agreement in a single Ethereum transaction by typing it into the input field of each individual transaction.. It paid a $10 fee to store data on the blockchain.

Last month, US brokerage firm TD Ameritrade used a string of 68 transactions to encode an ad into the Bitcoin Blockchain, making it the first public company to do so.

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